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5 questions with… Candice Fragis, buying + merchandising director of Farfetch

5 questions with… Candice Fragis, buying + merchandising director of Farfetch

Candice Fragis has an enviable role at luxury fashion website Farfetch, deciding which pieces will feature on the site in the coming seasons. Here, she talks to Talitha about work, wisdom and why balance is the key to life…

  1. My occupation is… leading the buying, merchandising and visual merchandising teams at Farfetch across men’s, women’s and kids. Unlike traditional buying roles, we work with partner brands and boutiques to ensure that Farfetch is first to market with the best offer. The best part of my job is discovery – whether it’s new brands and emerging talents, which is my real passion, the plethora of incredible boutiques we partner with or the characters I meet all around the world. Creating a work-life balance can be challenging in such a demanding industry and fast-paced company, so I try to leave work in the office and stick to a flow with exercise. I also try to meditate every morning before I leave the house, even if it’s just for 10 minutes – it’s become such an important part of my routine. And once a month, or more during times of stress, I get acupuncture – it really helps to keep me in check.
  2. The hardest lesson I learned was… To panic less about where I’m going and how quickly I’ll get there and instead just focus on enjoying the ride. I spent far too much time in my early twenties being anxious about my career and how I was going to achieve what I wanted. In hindsight, I wish I had taken advantage of that time and enjoyed being freer because all experience is good experience and over-thinking things can be more of a hindrance than a help. It’s a lesson I’m still learning all the time with all aspects of life – I really try to be in the moment and not worry about tomorrow.
  3. For me, the meaning of life is… Love and balance. My family and friends mean everything to me and any threat to those relationships quickly puts into perspective what my world is about. I am very lucky to have the career I do and to live in the world as I do, but without the people in my life, it’s all absolutely meaningless. And balance… that’s the secret to a good life and the hardest to achieve. Having just enough and balancing that dial on everything at once mostly seems impossible and a constant effort, but for those moments when everything is in sync, life is perfect. It doesn’t happen often so I really appreciate it when I get those moments and in between, I try to give up to a philosophy of ‘what will be will be’.
  4. If I had to impart one piece of advice it would be… I wish I could tell my 18-year-old self that no one degree or job will dictate your path in life; that everything is just for now and can change overnight and that passion and experience is what drives success. And… see the world! Have no direction, immerse yourself in different cultures and have no agenda while you can. In truth, my father did tell me these things but at 18, it’s hard to believe your parents know anything.
  5. I wear Talitha because… I love fashion that is easy to wear, tells a story (or makes me feel like I’m in one) and is timeless. I love artisan detail and eclectic cultural references and I have a thing for anything with fringing – Talitha is all of that and the new lifestyle store is like my fantasy home.

“I was in the countryside at my friend’s house in Sussex for a recent bank holiday weekend. When I pulled out the cape, which I had worn the night before at a party elsewhere, everyone got very excited and took turns at trying it on. Every time I put it on, I want to spin around in those fringes – the weight of them moves so well – so I channeled the Stevie Nicks in me and started twirling for the playful videos we were taking. Afterwards, we went on to a country pub by the sea, slightly overdressed, perhaps, but feeling pretty fabulous nonetheless.”

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